Virtual events have seen a dramatic improvement over the past 12 months. The massive growth in the demand for these types of events played an important factor in this, and as a consequence technology being modified for digital environments is progressing at a rapid pace. One item of technology that is worth keeping in mind can be 3D Virtual Studio Production that can be used for creating immersive digital worlds.

What is a 3D Virtual STUDIO?

In a typical production studio, presenters and actors are on a set, engaging with other objects and people. In a 3D virtual studio, the 3D digital studio can be like and different in the way that people are on a set; and different in the sense that the set does not exist in real life.

In the 3D virtual space, individuals are recorded and then inserted in real-time into a 3D virtual world. This is a huge improvement in how the visual effects look like.

The most impressive thing is that speakers and presenters can be captured from any place across the planet.

They’re then integrated into the 3D virtual setting in real-time, just like they’re in the room.

Furthermore, the 3D virtual studio can perform this with multiple individuals simultaneously, even though they’re located in different locations.

Virtual studios are frequently utilized in film and music video production , to mix real-life objects and people with CGI backgrounds, all in real-time. This kind of production is also coming into the world of events because of the current attention to virtual events.

Today, it’s possibility to build 3D environments that are populated by live speakers , and later integrate these environments directly into digital experiences.

So it’s like virtual reality Isn’t it? It’s not so sure.

3D studio technology is like virtual reality, in that some elements of a show are computer-generated while others are real. Like virtual reality, 3D virtual studios insert real people into computer-generated backgrounds.

The main difference between them is the way in which both the actual world as well as virtual world interact. In virtual reality, the person wearing the headset and gets in VR.

VR environment. Virtual reality 3D environments differ because the person filming isn’t actually part of the computer-generated reality. Instead, the reality of computer-generated images is created around them, in real-time, as the filming process continues.

WHAT 3D VR Studio Production CAN help you with your virtual event?

The production of this kind of film is extremely technical compared to livestreams and webinars. Are they worth the effort? The answer is yes. Virtual studio production in 3D is a huge opportunity for digital experiences.

One advantage can be the fact that 3D Computer-generated settings are exciting and enjoyable for viewers to experience. In virtual events, the audience’s engagement is among the most crucial indicators of successful events.

A well-engaged audience is one that is actively engaging with and watching the event’s content and marketing messages. It’s difficult to draw attention to viewers on the internet, and visually appealing 3D-based environments definitely aid in this.

Virtual Studio Software also provide the capability of creating content that appears like broadcast television.

This is content that has the quality and production value that viewers have come to.

The familiarity of the viewers makes them feel more at ease and comfortable by the contents. It also will make them more likely to stay tuned.

There’s also the fact that although the technology may be complex, its it’s relatively easy to implement. The less flimsy your event technology is the less likely it will create production problems as cameras roll.

In addition, 3D virtual studios don’t need everyone who is involved, including those in front and behind the camera in the same space.

This flexibility is an important benefit considering the challenges event planners have encountered over the past few years , as well as the general globalization of the business.

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