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    Writing reports and articles
    To write a good report or article, consider the purpose, the audience, and the summary. As you read, keep the purpose in mind and mercilessly delete irrelevant information. Ideally, the report should be 750-1500 words. In other words, don’t make a report about an unimportant issue. Also, remember to use concise language and clear talking points for your argument. Using this structure, you will be able to present your arguments as accurately as possible.

    The structure of the report and the article are very similar. The structure of the main text of the report is similar to that of a research paper. The report may include an executive summary, title pages, and table of contents. They help the reader to easily navigate the report. When writing a paper, the first part of the report is usually the introduction and the main body of the paper. If there are problems with this EssayWritery can help you.The main part of the report will contain the main content, while the article should contain conclusions and recommendations.

    The introduction should contain background information and state the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be stated in the first paragraph. In the main body of the report, you should develop this thesis statement with evidence and supporting arguments. Both the introduction and summary should contain the thesis statement. It is important that the rest of the report be well structured and consistent with the thesis statement.Once you have written the introduction and main body of the paper, you can move on to the conclusion and write the rest of the report.

    In general, the difference between writing a report and an article is the purpose. A report is written to convey factual information to a large audience. It is often published in magazines, newspapers, and websites. The purpose of the report is to present the facts and discuss the outcome of a particular event or situation. Depending on the context, a report can be academic, scientific, technical, or business-oriented. Despite the differences, both types of writing should be well structured and appropriate for the intended audience. The target audience and purpose of the writing are the most important aspects to keep in mind.

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