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    This is because other ingredients are needed for the waves in the easterly jet to develop into something stronger. “It’s kind of like Goldilocks – a storm needs a perfect combination of many ingredients,” says Rosimar Rios-Berrios, a research meteorologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado. “Unfortunately, all of those…[Read more]

  • It turns out that about 83% of major hurricanes – categories 3, 4 and 5 – that hit North America share the same birthplace as Irma. Those emerging from Cape Verde are among the most powerful and longest-lived tropical storms. This has led stormwatchers to look closely at the atmosphere above Africa for clues about what might be going on. What is…[Read more]

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    “If you have ever been in a car crash and remember the screeching of brakes, the impact of the metal scraping, the glass breaking, the groaning of objects smashing,” says Jane Higgins, from her home in the US Virgin Islands. “That is just a titbit of what Irma sounded like.”

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    PyroCbs can also start new fires through lightning, he says. “With lightning, a stroke comes from the cloud and is met with one coming from the ground. For some reason, fire-generated thunderstorms tend to have more positive return strokes than negative ones – and the positive strokes are the ones that tend to light fires,” says F…[Read more]

  • In the three years after these fires in Chile and Portugal, Castellnou was called to investigate pyroCbs and other extreme wildfire behaviours in South Africa, Bolivia, Australia – and three times in California. Currently, he has 83 open investigations into this type of wildfire behaviour involving meteorological phenomena. In the 1990s, he had t…[Read more]

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    Using global satellite imagery and data, Fromm suspected the large cloud – now appearing over the middle of the country – was a pyrocumulonimbus, or “pyroCb”. It was a first for Western Europe since records began, although it would take months longer to confirm it with the help of Portuguese meteorologists. A pyroCb is a thunderstorm generated by…[Read more]

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    On the plus side, most companies in the industry are producing their own vegan cheeses – rather than outsourcing the production to a factory elsewhere – which helps to minimise ethical issues that are sometimes found with companies who have long supply chains, such as low wages and dangerous working conditions, Strange says.

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    But relying so heavily on cashew nuts creates an ethical issue for the industry. They grow in tropical climates, including in parts of West and East Africa and India. But there are concerns that farmers aren’t always given the correct protective gear to extract the nuts from their shells.

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    While meat-free burgers have been making headlines in recent years, dairy-free cheese alternatives have been lagging behind in popularity until very recently. But the stakes are higher now – soaring demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy has pushed huge innovations in recent years to ensure people can swap their favourite foods f…[Read more]

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    For Shanklin, this underlines the vital importance of long-term monitoring of environmental variables, whether CFCs, temperature or biodiversity indicators. “If we’re not monitoring them then we don’t know whether we’re in trouble or not, and if you don’t know you’re in trouble, you can’t take preventative action and I think that’s a vital part of…[Read more]

  • “It’s not the same cause for alarm that it once was,” says Laura Revell, associate professor of environmental physics at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. This is largely due to the unprecedented international steps that governments took to tackle the problem.

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  • At Güerrín, they go through 600-700 portions of fainá a day, according to Mauricio Nunes Aleixo, the restaurant’s night shift manager. “It’s really classic for porteños, people from Buenos Aires,” he said. “It’s different for people from the other provinces; sometimes they don’t even know what it is.” (Fainá is also eaten with pizza in Urug…[Read more]

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    Since then, the Macarons des Sœurs have been sold in the city without interruption. When Marguerite died, Marie passed the secret to her niece and the business remained in the family for another three generations. The business was passed to the Aptel family in 1935 and the premises moved from the site of the original pâtisserie to the location i…[Read more]

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    Kamatani has found success too, but by going a different way. For her, she felt that the snack’s old-school image needed to change. “Young women like sweet potatoes, but they have this image as ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘lame’, and people think ‘I want to eat them, but they’re embarrassing to buy’,” she said.

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    Roasted Sweet Potato), has noticed the same thing. “Certainly, compared to the Showa era [1926-89], the ojisan [uncle] with his roasted sweet potato truck is rarely seen,” she said. “It’s not an easy profession because it requires physical strength and time. So, it’s a tough job for older people.”

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    It’s not just insecurity driving workers to assess their employment options, however. During the pandemic, many workers have had an opportunity to take stock of priorities and decide what they want from their jobs, whether work flexibility, more money or an ability to draw firm boundaries between professional and personal lives. While every job…[Read more]

  • “Dibdin made enemies, certainly, like a lot of large personalities do. And that’s why he ended up having to work on his own,” laughs Butteriss. “It was a struggle – he very much had to do everything himself, having been feted at Drury Lane.”

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    compared to the African, largely as this kind of backward, non-European, pre-modern [period],” she explains. The very concept of “dance mania” was a useful political tool, allowing cross-comparison with – and dismissal of – protests and practises involving
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  • This idea of dance as an ecstatic space finds parallels in Dance Fever. “But I hear the music, I feel the beat/ And for a moment, when I’m dancing, I am free,” Welch sings in Free, her voice briefly striking a note of vulnerability before it roars once more. Transcendence in all its guises is a frequent theme in Welch’s lyrics, whether she’s…[Read more]

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    Meanwhile the latest novel from author Kiran Millwood Hargave, The Dance Tree, looks specifically at the supposed events of the 1518 Strasbourg incident through the lives of women swept up in it. In Millwood Hargrave’s version, the dancing plague
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