what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports?

The regular exercises provide many benefits for everybody. In the interest of health, the scientists suggest everybody should work out regularly to keep fit and best state for all working day, reduce depression and have longer life. On the other hands, we could make easily new connections or stronger relationship through sport teams such as football, volleyball or basketball legends. In addition, the new contacts would provide new opportunities of business or new knowledge in further.

However, the sport still has some drawbacks. One reason is that exercises without a sensible plan make the player more prone to damages. For illustration, the coach of gym does not encourage their students to take heavy objects in first week because they would have injury on their muscles, or the lifeguard does not permit us to eat a lot of food before swimming if we want to have water safety. Furthermore, everyone usually spends almost time daily for working at office, and then participates in playing sports. Therefore, time for family becomes smaller, so they would not have enough time for their children, interaction between other members or arrangement house.

In conclusion, the workout helps us to have a better health and chance to make new connections, but it provides disadvantages such as injury, time for family.

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